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Tesco was founded in 1983 and is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality lightning and surge protection equipment, with over 700 business partners all over the United States.

Why do I need AC surge protection?

AC surges are not caused by lightning only. Adverse weather conditions, or even somthing as simple as electric motor activity within a building (air conditioners, copiers, printers, and regrigeratiors, for instance) can cause power fluctuations. Surge protectors extend the lifetime or sensitive electronic equipment by protecting it against harmful power surges and overvoltage problems. TESCO's surge protectors add the advantage of buffering electronic equipment from everyday fluctuations. This is critical, because "invisible" power disturbances have a cumulative effect, and can lead to premature failure of all or part of an unprotected electronic system. With the clean, "computer grade" power conditioned by your TESCO surge protector, you can get optimum performance and reliability from your equipment, as well as overall extended equipment life.

TES 240MSAThe TES 240 MSA Surge Arrester is specifically designed to last even when subjected to extreme conditions such as strong lightning activity and temporary line overvoltage conditions. Installed at the meter base, it safely clamps and dissipates lightning induced AC line high voltage current impluses going to a residence.

Features of the TES 240 MSA
  • 40,000 Amp peak capability, each 120 VAC leg.
  • 210 VAC, continuous 5 minutes, temporary overvoltage clamping capability.
  • Safety fusing, both 120 VAC legs.
  • LED "unit good" indicators, both 120 VAC legs.

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