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Rates ImageBelow are some of charges you will find on your monthly statement.


Availability Charge:

This fixed charge is used to pay for the cost of providing electrical service. This cost includes the material and labor needed to maintain lines and clear rights-of-way, as well as other fixed costs such as taxes, insurance, debt, and interest. We incur these costs whether or not any kilowatt hours are used.


Power Cost Adjustment (PCA):

The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is designed to recoup/return power supply costs that are caused by the fluctuations in the price of fuel or purchased energy. Energy is a commodity, and like every other commodity is subject to the laws of supply and demand. When demand is high or supply is short, costs go up. The PCA gives utilities the ability to deal with ongoing energy cost changes without having to make frequent changes to the base rate structure.


Click below to view the current rates used by DS&O Electric Cooperative.

I(a)-18 Irrigation Service
I(b)-18 Irrigation Service


R-1            Residential - Rural
R-1I Residential - Rural interruptible
R-2 Residential - Urban
R-2I residential - Urban Interruptible
R-3 Residential - Prepay
R-3I Residential - Prepay Interruptible
PCA Power Cost Adjustment PCA
SF-18 Service Fee Schedule


GS-17 General Service
GS-D-17 General Service Demand
GS-L-17 General Service Large
GSL-TOU-17 General Service Time of Use
RV-17 Recreational Vehicle Campgrounds
PCA Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)
SF-18 Service Fee Schedule








K.S.A. 66-104d(g) provides that members may petition the Kansas Corporation Commission to review any rate changes.

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