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Outdoor Safety

Overhead power lines
  • Keep all tools, ladders, poles and pipes, farm equipment, kites, model planes, TV antennas, and tree branches (just to name a few) away from power lines.
  • If you must work near overhead power lines, allow at least a 10 ft. clearance in all directions for both you and materials.
  • If a branch or any object comes in contact with a power line. DO NOT attempt to remove it. Contact DS&O immediately. We'll take care of the problem quickly and safely.
  • No person, not even tree trimmers or contractors, should come within 10 ft. of a power line.
  • If tree trimming work needs to be done. DS&O can temporarily disconnect the service so trimming can be performed. As soon as the work is complete, DS&O will return to restore service. Debris left is the responsibility of the tree trimming company or the property owner. Temporarily disconnecting service is much safer than pruning around and energized service line. Call 1-800-376-3533 to schedule a time to have your service temporarily disconnected.
Electricity and Water Don't Mix
  • Never use electric tools if your hands or feet are wet or you are standing on damp ground.
  • Position swimming pools (in and above ground), diving platforms and slides away from overhead lines. Avoid overhead lines when using a pool skimmer.
Don't Stick Around Downed Power Lines
  • If a power line is down, contact DS&O immediately.
  • Do not touch the line, always assume it is energized.
  • If you see someone touching a downed line, do not try to rescue them. You could become a victim yourself.
  • If a power line falls on your car while you're in it, STAY in your car and wait for help. You are safe as long as you remain inside. If you must exit the car, jump with your feet together and hop to safety. Becareful not to touch the car and ground at the same time.

Know Locations of Underground Power Lines - Always call before you dig.

In many areas, DS&O power lines are buried underground. Before digging, planting trees, setting fence posts or excavation, visit Kansas One-Call or call 811. Power lines running between the transformer and the meter can will be marked at no charge. DS&O will charges $60 to locate secondary electric lines or lines located after the meter.

Plan before you plant

Remember, that little tree you plant now will grow to be a gaint tree and could interfere with overhead power lines. Make sure to plant the right tree in the right place.

Transformers and Electrical Cabinets

In some areas, transformers and electrical cabinets are mounted at or near ground level. These should be handled only by professional utility service personnel. If you notice evidence of tampering or unsecured transformers or electrical cabinets, notify us immediately.

Utility Poles and Substations

For your safety, consider utility poles and electric substations "OFF LIMITS." Notify us if you see evidence of tempering or unsecured substations.

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