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Heat Pump Rebates

Electric Heat Energy Efficiency Program


The objective of the DS&O "Electric Heat Energy Efficiency Program" is to encourage energy efficiency and conservation by the DS&O members. This is done by encouraging members/consumers to install air source heat pumps or geothermal heat pumps to heat and cool their homes or business.

Qualify Standards
  • The minimum requirements for an air source heat pump is a SEER of 14.5 and an HSPF of 8.2.
  • The minimum requirements for a geothermal heat pump are a COP of 3.3 and an EER of 14.1 (closed loop) and a COP of 3.6 and an EER of 16.2 (open loop)
  • Both must be permanently installed.
Payment Levels
  • The payment levels for an air source heat pump are as follows:
    • $50 per half-ton for a 14.5 SEER
    • $75 per half-ton for a 16 SEER
    • $100 per half-ton for a 17 SEER or higher
  • The payments for a geothermal heat pump are as follows:
    • $250 per half-ton
Other Considerations

DS&O's minimum requirements shall increase as Energy Star minimum requirements increase.

How do I Apply For My Rebate?

If the unit you installed meets or exceeds the above criteria a "Certificate of Installation" form must be filled out and returned to the cooperative. Click Here to fill the form out online or downloaded the form below. Once complete, fax it to 785-655-2805, Attn: Rebate or mail it to P.O. Box 286, Solomon, KS 67480. Rebates of $600 or more also require a completed W-9 be returned to the DS&O office. 

Certificate of Installation

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