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Cold Weather Rule

Cold Weather Rule


The provisions of the Cold Weather Rule (CWR) allow for special payment, disconnections and service limitation procedures for any residential member with unpaid arrearages to retain or restore electric service through the cold weather period, which extends from November 1 through March 31.

DS&O shall not disconnect a member’s service when the local National Weather Service office forecasts the temperature to drop below 35 degrees within the next 24-hour period unless:

  1. It is at the member’s request; or
  2. The service is abandoned; or
  3. A dangerous condition exists on the member’s premises; or
  4. The member violates any DS&O rule that adversely affects the safety of the member or other persons, or the physical integrity of DS&O’s delivery system;
  5. The member causes or permits unauthorized interference with, or diversion or use of (meter bypass), electric service situated or delivered on or about the member’s premises.

To keep from getting disconnected when the temperature is 35 degrees or above, or to get reconnected regardless of temperature, a member must comply with the provisions of the “Good Faith Test.”  To meet the Good Faith Test and qualify for the benefits of the CWR, the member shall:

  1. Inform DS&O of the member’s inability to pay the bill in full;
  2. Give sufficient information to allow DS&O to make a payment agreement;
  3. Make an initial payment acceptable to DS&O; and
  4. Apply for federal, state, local or other funds for which the member is eligible; and
  5. Enter a Level Payment Plan (rolling average favored) for current and future consumption acceptable to DS&O; and
  6. Not illegally divert (bypass meter) electric service; and
  7. Not default on a payment plan.

DS&O shall provide the following CWR notices:

  1. Mail a written notice of the CWR or publish a notice in the Kansas Country Living once a year at least 30 days prior to the CWR period to each residential member who is currently receiving service.
  2. Send on written notice mailed first class at least ten days prior to termination of service.  A member may not be disconnected until a 24-hour forecast above the activating temperature is predicted by the National Weather Service.

DS&O may notify, as a courtesy, members by telephone at least 24-hours before they are to be disconnected.  Notification by telephone may be by electronic notification equipment to the member’s telephone number on file and may include delivery to automated answering equipment, electron mail or answering services.

The CWR does not apply to prepaid accounts.  If the account balance is $0.00 or below during inclement weather, then it shall not postpone disconnection of a prepaid account.

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