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4th of July Safety

This 4th of July, friends and family all across the country will gather in celebrating our nation’s independence and what is considered by many to be the unofficial start of summer.

Look Up and Look Out to Keep Your Harvest Season Safe

When the crops are ready to be harvested, farmers have only a window of time—between weather events, equipment breakdowns, and life events—to get the best quality crop out of the field. To make the most of this time, farm workers trying to get as much work done as possible. DS&O offers safety tips for farm and ranch workers across the state to help keep them safe during this time.

Putting safety first this month – and throughout the year

May is National Electrical Safety Month. While safety for our members is top priority year-round, Electrical Safety Month is a time to acknowledge the importance of safety excellence.

Kansas Legislation Would Add Sales Tax to Your Electric Bill

Some members of the Kansas Legislature are considering a repeal of a long-standing sales tax exemption on utility bills. If this legislation passes, DS&O Electric Cooperative will have to charge sales tax on energy for residential and agricultural use. This would mean your electric bill would increase by the state sales tax of 6.15%, probably this summer. (There is also a proposal to increase the state sales tax to 6.3%.)

Server Maintenance

DS&O will be performing server maintenance starting at 7:00 pm on Friday, March 13th.  During this time, online payments will be unavailable along with the ability to apply for membership.  The maintenance should be completed by 3:00 pm on Saturday, March 14th.

Avoid Utility Scams


Utility Scam Spreads Across the Nation

An increase in reported utility scams nationwide involves callers claiming to represent utility companies, demanding payment for a past-due balance through a prepaid card, and threatening to shut off service if payment is not received.

Simple Steps to Boost Home Heating Efficiency

 Winter temperatures can drive up heating costs. However, there are simple steps that can be taken to help cut those costs by making your home heating more efficient.

DS&O Electric Cooperative, Inc. welcomes Timothy J. Power as its new CEO.

DS&O Electric Cooperative, Inc. welcomes Timothy J. Power as its new CEO.

Save Money and Stay Safe during Holiday Travels

Holiday Safety Tips


 If you plan on leaving town for the holidays, make sure your home is as ready as you are for this vacation. Preparing your home for your absence will cut costs on your energy bills and keep your home safe from electrical fires.

Keep Electrical Spooks from Haunting Your Halloween

More and more people decorate their yards for Halloween with elaborate lighting displays with as much enthusiasm and as many materials as they do for the Christmas holidays!

Strings of decorative lights, fog machines, strobe and black lights, animatronics, electrically powered decorations and more all add to the ambience of your haunt, but improperly used, can create added dangers of fire, shock and other potentially disastrous accidents.


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