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Solar & More

Solar & More
By Timothy J. Power, CEO

The past couple years we have surveyed you, our members, on a variety of issues, including your interest in solar energy.

In August 2016 the DS&O board of directors voted to have a solar demonstration unit installed at our office in Solomon.  Our 4 kW solar unit is up and running.  We invite anyone interested to come by and check it out. 

As many of you are considering solar panels for your home for various reasons, we thought this demo unit could help in your decision-making process.  It will provide live data from a location in central Kansas, showing the solar unit’s output under various conditions, including rain, snow, cloud cover, etc.  You can view this data in the lobby of our office.  We also plan to put the live data on our web site so you can view it whenever you wish.  Finally, we will have someone available to discuss any solar project you are considering.

Image of 4kW Solar Panels

photo courtesy of Ten K Solar

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